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I have been a patient with Dr. St. Charles since I was 18 years old and I absolutely love her! I will never forget my first appointment with her. I was so nervous and she was very patient with me. I had never been to a gynecologist before that point, so my first appointment with her wasn’t just a quick one. She explained exactly what she was going to do for the Pap smear and was very thorough. She was so great that my mom decided to also start seeing her. My mom has had some GYN issues in the past which led her to having a LEEP Procedure. Dr. St. Charles herself performed the surgery and was very successful. She made my mom very comfortable and explained everything that she was going to do. My mom was so nervous because she has never had surgery before. After talking to Dr. St. Charles, my mom was confident that everything would be okay. We wouldn’t trust any other gynecologist but Dr. St. Charles. We absolutely love her!


I have been a patient of Dr. St. Charles for almost ten years. My experiences have been nothing short of amazing. The patient services she provides are incredible. Dr. St. Charles is punctual, extremely knowledgeable, caring, patient, friendly, and has a great sense of humor. Most recently I was very satisfied with the care she provided during my pregnancy. I love the personal attention she provided me as well as the time spent making sure I understood all the changes going on with my body. As a result of following her recommendations, I had a healthy labor and quick delivery which resulted in a healthy baby. My relatives who are also her patients continue to be highly satisfied with her work.


Dr. St. Charles and her team are amazing. She is one of the best OB/GYN’s in Westchester. Even during this time of COVID-19 pandemic, she care about her patients safety,first. My daughter and myself have been with her for years. She is honest, kind, and humble. She listen to you and explain everything during the way. You can count on her to refer you to the best specialist if needed and she follows up. I cannot thank Dr. St. Charles enough.


There aren’t enough words in the English Language that can describe how blessed I feel to have found Dr. St. Charles. Two years ago I became pregnant with my second child and I went searching for a doctor who would represent myself and my newborn. I wanted to be sure that when my baby opened her eyes she saw herself represented. In the end Dr. St. Charles saved our lives. My daughter had her cord wrapped around her neck and I came down with high blood pressure after I delivered. I have never felt so safe with a doctor as I do with her. She is smart, caring, comforting and a leader at all times. I highly recommend her for any and all services that she offers. I will be with Dr. St. Charles until the day she retires and God willing all three of my daughters will too!


I have been a patient of Dr. St. Charles since 2013. I first met her at the Montefiore location in Mount Vernon, and I’ve liked her since first meeting her. She later moved on to practice at New York- Presbyterian, and without hesitation I followed her to her next practice. She is just over all a great doctor. I am so grateful and thankful to you Dr. St. Charles for the safe delivery of both my kids. I have NEVER had a Doctor who was as caring, patient, informative, soothing, & compassionate! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions, not rushing through our appointments, and truly making me feel like I was empowered and informed during my pregnancy & delivery. I was terrified walking into the O.R. for my C-Section, (my first surgery ever), but you and the team were amazing in calming my nerves, making me feel comfortable, and walking my husband and I through the procedure. I will forever be thankful and remember your hand holding mine and re-assuring words that everything was going to be fine. You are a VERY gifted Doctor and my family thanks you.


Meeting Dr. M St. Charles was divine intervention in every sense of the word! I’ve been a patient of Dr. St. Charles for about 5 years. When I initially was introduced to her it was a referral to a group she was a part of and the doctor they(the hospital )recommended wasn’t there and they directed me to Dr. St. Charles the rest was history! Her knowledge of Gynecological studies, her bedside manner, and true compassion for the woman’s lives that she touches every day is so evident. I came wounded, scared, insecure, and lacked body awareness. In my time with Dr. St. Charles I’m physically better, confident, bold, and totally aware of my body. Not to mention there is such a sisterhood that makes the uncomfortableness of going to a gynecologist disappear the moment that you meet her! I would (and I have) recommend her to any woman who is looking for a more sensitive,gentle and knowledgeable approach to an otherwise uncomfortable experience that most woman don’t looks forward to.